Compassion is at the heart of our care

What Makes AAA Care Solutions Different

What makes AAA Care Solutions different,We do not just support the service users in doing what they are unable to do; but more importantly, we prompt them in doing what they are able to do by themselves. This makes our care service “unique” amongst our competitors.

More importantly, AAA Care Solutions Ltd, focuses on the promotion of care services that command safe, caring, responsive, and well led; while steadily looking for ways of improving the quality of care delivery in line with current standards of Care Quality Commission and other regulatory authorities directly or indirectly govern and control regulated activities in England and Wales.

Having an   open and transparent organisation about service delivery and valuing the people that use our Service what ever your background, origin, ethnicity or disability.

Our objective is to maintain high standards throughout the company, in accordance with the fundamental standards of quality and safety required by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and our own internal quality assurance processes.

Service Delivery
Our Dedicated  team, is led by a qualified and experienced   nurses , health promotion workers,   backed up by fully-trained staff  in health and social care. A fundamental part of our success is  in providing support and care  using a   multi-disciplinary approach Facilitated by our own staff team.

We pride ourselves on supporting our staff through effective management, training opportunities and career progression. We are committed to providing our employees with the best training available, ensuring that our service users are always looked after by highly-experienced social care workers.

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AAA Care Solutions is our trading name and a private company registered in England and Wales. Registration number:11020301