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Dementia care

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a group of related symptoms that may include; memory loss, thinking speed, understanding, judgement / problem solving or language. It is a common condition particularly prevalent in the over 65 age group. The severity of the condition has a wide scale, but most people with it will need live- in care help and home help if they are to remain their own home. 

Dementia has many different stages and it affects in different ways. The most common one is Alzheimer Disease followed vascular dementia.

Alzheimer disease.

This is the most common form of dementia in the UK. People with Alzheimer can struggle with memory loss, mood changes and problems communication and reasoning and often the feel vulnerable and helpless.

Vascular dementia

This is the second most common form of dementia

This occurs due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain due to vascular disease. Brain cells care likely to die and this can cause the symptoms of vascular dementia. The symptoms may be sudden following a stroke, or over time through a series of small strokes.

Dementia Care:Living with Dementia;

We understand we you or your loved one  receive  news  about having dementia , it can be daunting  and sometimes brings so many questions in you mind including how you will manage with daily activities without being moved to residential homes, AAA Care Solutions is  here to answer your questions and  meet your care needs in the comfort and familiar environment  of your home.


Although it can seem alike a challenging issue to face,with AAA Care Solutions is here to assist you in this transition of dementia from Early stage dementia to the late stage of dementia. Whether you just need a compassionate visit, hourly visit, Night carer or living in Care, we are just a phone call way.Please call our lovely experienced team to talk you your through on:  01403750345