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Social care funding

Social care Funding provides persona and practical support to people of all ages to retain independence and best quality of life possible which known as Personal budget allowing you to make decisions relating to your care. To assess this service, your circumstances is means- tested by the local authority meaning you have to contribute to your care or completely pay for it.

The money you will receive is called a personal budget:

What is personal Budget?

If your needs are high or complex you may be entitled to social funding from the County Council, how ever your needs will need to be assessed as eligible.
This can be paid as:

  • Direct payment to you or an appointed suitable person to manage.
  • The council can manage the budget for, or
  • Mix these options
  • Or directly pay the money to another organisation and this case it will be AAA Care Solutions

Direct Payments

If you choose to have your budget paid directly to you through direct payments, you can arrange and pay for your own support instead of the council

Council -managed Budget

This is where the council manages your personal budget and arranges support for you. The council only does this if you

  • Want you to use council services
  • Do not want to manage the money yourself
  • Can not consent to receive direct payments because you are unable to, make decisions for yourself and there is not a suitable person who can manager the personal budget on your behalf.